L.A.F.F. stands for Lutherans After Fifty Fellowship.  L.A.F.F. is a group of adult Christians dedicated to helping others form new friendships and grow stronger in care and concern for one another through shared leisure activities and adventures.

All adult members, visitors & friends of Resurrection, both married and single, are invited to join us in our activities and adventures. However, only those who are fifty+ in age or married to someone fifty+ qualify to ride the Harris County Precinct 4 bus that provides free transportation for all our travel needs. Underage or oveflow participants can, and often do, carpool behind the bus to our destinations.


No formal enrollment to be a part of our group. Just watch for the announcements in the Church newsletter and bulletin and sign up for any event in which you’d like to participate. Flyers for each event announced are available at the information booth in the Narthex of the Sanctuary at least one month before the event.



Carolyn Pali at 281-355-0090

Pat Bankhead at 281-288-9572


"God's Favorite" - A.D. Players

Saturday, August 4th - We leave the RLC parking lot at 4:00 PM for a fun dinner and theater evening. First you can choose where and what you want to eat (your expense) from the many restaurants around the food court surrounding the ice rink at the Galleria – a cool & relaxed location on a hot Texas afternoon. Then on to the new luxurious A.D. Players Theatre on Westheimer for the 7:30 PM performance of “God’s Favorite.” Plot: Successful Long Island businessman Joe Benjamin is a modern-day ‘Job’ with a demanding wife, ungrateful children, and wise-cracking household employees. Just when it seems things couldn’t get any worse, he is visited by Sidney Lipton, a.k.a. A Messenger from God (and compulsive film buff) with a mission: test Joe’s faith and report back to “the Boss.” The jokes and Tests of Faith fly fast and furious as Neil Simon spins a contemporary morality tale like no other in this hilarious comedy. Back to church around 10 PM. We have secured group tickets at $20/each (+$1 For Bus Driver’s meal) on first several rows in the balcony with excellent stage view. Reserve early so we can purchase more if needed.

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Mark your Calendars and come back to find out what exciting events are coming up!:

Friday, September 7th

Saturday, October 27th