men's ministry

Man-to-Man-Connected By Christ is the name of our men’s ministry. We believe that Christian men

need to be connected to other Christian men and to Christ to grow strong spiritually.

Christ Jesus connects us together and through those connections

enhances and blesses the relationships we have in our families,

our work, and throughout our lives.

Saturday morning bible study

We meet from 7:30-9:00am on Saturday mornings. All men, 18+, are invited to join in for food, Bible study, and fellowship. Bring a friend and a breakfast item to share.

We are currently studying, "The Book of James," by Francis Chan.

men's retreat

The Men’s Retreat is always an opportunity to get away from the daily grind and spend a weekend out of town to focus on our relationships with God and each other. The retreat is open to variety in spiritual growth facilitation and recreational activities. Retreat dates are the second weekend of October. We will have more information to you soon!