School of performing arts

We Believe a Community That Supports the Arts is a Richer Place to Live

Each one of our teaching staff is carefully selected based upon the following criteria:

*Have a passion and love for the arts, demonstrated through active support of community cultural events

*References have indicated a strong motivation for the caring of and encouragement of student's artistic growth

*Eagerly participates in the faculty team effort towards helping students excel in all areas of the performing arts

*Demonstrates Christian values and have earned a reputation of strong ethical standards

*Have educational training and professional experience in their area of expertise

If you are interested in Accelerated Learning Through Private Instruction

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  • Vern Richert, Director of Performing Arts

    Mr. Richert holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Music Performance. He founded the School of Performing Arts in the fall of 2009, beginning with one teacher and one student in a classroom. Today nine teachers and 86 students can be heard throughout the church campus. 

  • Dave Englert, Organ Instructor

  • Felix Gamez, Violin / Viola Instructor

  • Natalia Goncharova, Piano / Voice Instructor

  • Karin Hall, Arts Instructor

  • Kirk Jimenez, Piano Instructor

  • Joshua Pillows, Piano Instructor

  • Michelle Willey, Piano Instructor