Five Loaves + Two Fishes = $281,000

By Brenda Mayo, RLC Business Administrator

Okay, maybe I've taken a little liberty with Luke 9:12-17, but the concept is the same! Faced with trying to feed 15,000 or more hungry people (including the women and children) after a day of listening to Jesus teach, the disciples wanted to send them home. When Jesus shot that suggestion down, they thought they would solve the problem
by going into town themselves. Another bad idea. The disciples felt outnumbered and beyond their ability.
That's because their eyes were lingering on the wrong thing ... their scarce resources.
They seemed to have momentarily forgotten who they were with.

The story is not just about the miracle of feeding thousands with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. It's about reminding the disciples of God's available resources. The crowd experienced a miracle and the disciples were used by Jesus to perform one.We have one loan left. ONE. We paid off the sanctuary loan and the land loan years and years ahead

of schedule ... saving the church hundreds of thousands of dollars. When we decided that the church should be an example and get out of debt, it seemed daunting, if not impossible. But we stepped out in faith, knowing that it was the right thing to do. We paid off the first two loans in record time, so now is not the time to slow down

and lose that momentum.

It is so exciting to think about the mission work we can do on the campus, in our community, our city and in foreign countries when we have no debt to tie us down. So, we would like to ask you to prayerfully consider how much you can give sacrificially to "loaves and fishes" over the next 15 months. We know it's a big amount, but we serve a big God who can just as easily turn a few dollars sacrificially given into $281,000. While we still have day to day expenses and at times, large unexpected expenses that your faithful giving of tithes is used for, this sacrificial gift

will impact lives for eternity as we go out to spread the love of Christ. We paid off the first two loans in record time,

so let's keep the (foot on the gas pedal) momentum going!