National and international impact with the Gospel

Cairo, illinois- High school youth team

This team partners with Youthworks to provide a Christ-Centered Mission trip for High School Youth. The Youth go to share God's love with the families and children of Cairo. Cairo is a small town along the Mississippi River that time and growth has forgotten. It is a city with many underprivileged families and the team going to Cairo is to provide assistance to families, their homes, and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a summer trip that normally takes place in June. 

mobility team

Resurrection has been involved in Wheelchair ministry since 2003. Areas impacted include Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize. Each individual is given personal treatment to find the right wheelchair and education to use that chair and to live a fuller life with the help of their family. The team shares a Bible, prayer, and the Gospel with the recipient and their family. We prefer having local pastor/ churches to be alongside us so that these families will have  a gospel ministry after the team leaves.

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la trementina, guatemala

This team has a partnership with Central American Lutheran Missionary Society (CALMS - and local Lutheran congregations in the Zacapa region of Guatemala. Beginning in 2007, a team has been going to build a home for a family that has substandard housing, provide a Vacation Bible School for the local children, and to assist the leaders in La Trementina.

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Resurrection has sent teams to Belize since 2006. Work has included rural churches near Belize City, Christian feeding center in the inner-city of Belize City, work with churches and preschool in Lord's Bank, House Building in inner-city of Belize City, work with churches and preschool in Lord's Bank, House Building near Ladyville area, and currently with a home for displaced children near Flowers Bank. The purpose of the team is to build up leaders and infrastructure that impacts the local churches and community. These Gospel outreaches help the local Christians to be a stronger presence and to build disciples throughout the year. The next trip will be in January 2018