Confirmation is a public act of the church that is preceded by a period of intentional discipleship designed to help baptized Christians affirm their identity with the life & mission of the Christian Community.

It seeks to involve the whole family and the whole church to provide a supportive community that will affirm the work God began in baptism and promises to bring to fulfillment through His son, Jesus Christ. 

The Highlights

Unconfirmed students grade 7th and up have two options for completing confirmation. 

Option A: Immersions or Option B: Independent Student/Parent Study.

Worship notes & service hours are required with either option. 

For more detailed information check out the full handbook.


    • Attend each module once totally in 4. Complete Pre & Post reflections.
    • Capstone: Collaborate with leader to prepare for Confirmation rite in which you will complete your spiritual development plan & write your Testimony. 
    • Complete all 5 modules including capstones, worship notes & service hours. Can be completed in 1 year or at own pace. 
    • Student & Parents unable to meet the group immersion confirmation process can opt into a 2 year Family lead confirmation intensive study.  
    • Worship notes & Service hours still required
    • Ask Pastor or DCE for more details if this is the option you choose. 
    • Worship Notes Complete 15
    • Worship & Sunday School: Attend 75% of the time. 
    • Service Hours Complete 5 hours total
    • Service hours can include mission trips, service weekends at church, or other ideas. (Please discuss other ideas with DCE Kathryn or Pastor Ted prior to completing). 

We were buried therefore with Him by

Baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father we too might walk in newness of life. Romans 6:4

Immersion Information


PRe/Post Work

Immersions are intentional times of instruction in a home-based atmosphere. Faith is lived out in the home and it's where discipleship most often occurs! Typically, these will be held on Sundays from 2-6pm in the home of a staff person or host family. The students will bring their preparations materials, Luther's small catechism, Bible, pen & journal.

It is a time to dive deeper into the topics, continue with application, fellowship together, and break bread with parents during the last 2 hours. We ask the students parents to join each immersion for the last two hours for about an hour of adult fellowship-modeling-learning and then an hour of breaking bread with one another and guided conversations with our students. 

  • Grace Given: Sacraments & Confession


    Pre-work is due on Nov. 7th


    Post-work due on Dec. 31st

  • God's Character & Perfection: Commandments & Creed    |    Pre-work & Post-work will be updated and accessible right here the first week in December. 

  • Talking with God: Lord's Prayer & Biblical Views   |    Pre-work & Post-work will be updated and accessible right here the first week in January. 

  • Spiritual Disciplines & World Views   |    Pre-work & Post-work will be updated and accessible right here one month prior to when this immersion is next scheduled

  • Upon completion of all 4 Immersions, all 15 worship notes & all 5 hours of service work students and parents will need to set up a meeting with Pastor Ted and/or DCE Kathryn.

    In this meeting we will reflect on what was learned as well as teach each student how create and craft a 5 year spiritual development plan, as well as advice on how to write their own personal testimony to be read aloud at a future date. We will also discuss what the Rite of Confirmation/Confirmation Service will look like and when that will take place.

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