Make an impact globally

  • mobility teams in Central America

    Imagine needing to leave your child with disabilities in search of daily provisions or a modest income. Is there hope? Is there a god? Will He ease your situation? Living with a disability in the third world is an incredible challenge for the entire family, but an incredible opportunity for Jesus’ holistic healing to proceed from His Word and His hand of provision. We have been sending mobility mission teams (from Resurrection and the U.S.) throughout Central America for almost two decades to share the tangible love of Jesus and the Gospel in order to impact individuals, families, and communities. We are grateful for our multiple worldwide partners, indigenous leaders, and U.S. teams who have been sent over the years. See the impact

  • india transformed

    Empowering vulnerable children, women and communities is at the heart of IT’s holistic approach to community development for all people to live an abundant life. Community Transformation Center, community based child care, women’s empowerment programs, children sponsorships, and more supported so that all people can live an abundant life. Learn More

  • pli

    Resurrection’s multiplication of leadership seeks to raise up missional leaders to plant seeds of God’s Kingdom near and far. We actively participate in PLI’s goal to build “Vibrant Communities. 

    Deeper Connections. Wider Influence.”  Learn More

  • belize

    Resurrection has sent teams to Belize since 2006. Work has included rural churches near Belize City, Christian feeding center in the inner-city of Belize City, work with churches and preschool in Lord's Bank, house building in inner-city of Belize City, work with churches and preschool in Lord's Bank, House Building near Ladyville area, and currently with a home for displaced children near Flowers Bank. The purpose of the team is to build up leaders and infrastructure that impact the local churches and community. These Gospel outreaches help the local Christians to be a stronger presence and to build disciples throughout the year. See the impact

  • Mission of Christ network

    Mission of Christ Network (MCN) multiplies those involved in proclaiming the Gospel boldly, intentionally, faithfully making known the light, love, and peace of Jesus Christ throughout the world.  MCN is an outreach organization, grounded in a Lutheran understanding of mission, that equips and enables everyday believers to be sent and supported throughout the world.  Learn More